Nouhou Idrissa

Started to practice yoga only in 2006 in occasion of Silver Jubilee of the International Art of Living Foundation receiving, on this occasion, a good education on pranayama, bhastrika sudarshan kriya, meditation and pancakosha. He is Corrispondent of World Movement for Yoga in Cameroon and he helps to spread yoga in Africa in neighboring countries.

Yoftahe Manyazewal

President of Rotaract Club of Wodiamado 2015/16
Founder & CEO @ Khul; Creating Possibilities 
Personal & Organizational Development Trainings firm 
Founder & Director of Youth Leadership platform SHEGA Fest for Greatness
Certified Yoga + Meditation Instructor & Personal Dev't Trainer

+251 913 280 088


Dr. Roohallah Bay

Bachelor (Counseling Psychology) Allameh Tabatabaei University of Tehran-Iran – (2003), Master (Family Psychology) Allameh Tabatabaei University of Tehran-Iran – (2005), M.Phil(Sextherapy) Baghiatallah Medical Sciences University of Tehran. Iran. Ph.D (Neuro-Psychology) Zoroastrian College (OIUCM)-India – (2009), Post Doc (Sex-therapy) University Sains Malaysia (USM)
Area of Interest:
Sexual Problem-Gender Study-Sexual health- Psycho-Physiological Therapy- Exercise Therapy- Stretch Therapy- Yoga Therapy-Family Psychology –Marital and Couple Therapy- Alternative Medicine- sport Psychology
Research Interest:
Sexual Problem-Gender Study-Sexual health- Psycho-Physiological Therapy- Exercise Therapy- Stretch Therapy- Yoga Therapy- Family Psychology – Marital and Couple Therapy- Alternative Medicine- sport Psychology.
Tel. +98-9372673351


Shirly Goldestein


Ashtanga Yoga teacher of 600 hours certificate, with knowledge and practical experience gained both through studying, next to very well known teachers in London and usa, and teaching. SHIRLY GOLDSTEIN- Workshops with leading teachers including among others Prana Vinyasa Yoga with Shiva Rea, Asthanga Yoga with john scott,'david swenson and Richard Freeman. Her style comes from a “karma” gained through experience and emphasizing in the taste (rasa), energy (prana) of each class and mood (bhava) of each students.

Tel. +972 050 8833202


E-mail: segold@zahav.net.il


Naty Shteiner

Is acertified Yoga Teacher since 1996. Graduated from “Sivananda”, Canada. Specializes in Yoga for Children, Baby yoga e,Shantalamassage, Family Yoga and creative movement for children.
Naty has been teaching yoga to children ages 2 to12 years since 1997. She provides a wide range of programs and projects in a variety of settings, including primary schools, kindergartens, and preschools. Naty’s unique approach includes teachers and parents as an essential component of her programs and she encourages their involvement and participation. Naty has been serving as a teacher trainer and a mentor since 2000, facilitating training workshops for professional educators through "Yoga for children and Baby yoga in Israel. Education and Credentials: Master in Education from the Yoga Institute Yoga Educational School -(Italian Yoga Federation) 2010-2012


Luria Aviva

14 years expirience and practice of yoga;
 3 years expirience of ayurvedic practice, massage & treetements; 9 years  practice of teaching yoga for children of diferent ages; from 1.5 years old until high-school age; 13 years expirience learning & teaching yoga (last 10 years intensive teaching); 8 years expirience teaching yoga for elder population (average age of 80, 6 lessons a week); 3 years of work expiriience in TV mass productions –channel one,  programs for preschoolars children and older ones; 18 years of practicing and performing music – piano practice and vocal intensive practice; 5 years of practicing "child's space" method with babies, mothers & babies


Tel. +972-54-8191342


E-mail: avivanehora@gmail.com



Noa Sharon


*14 years expirience and practice of yoga

* 9 years  practice of teaching yoga for children of diferent ages; from 3 years old until high-school

* 14 years expirience learning & teaching yoga (last 9 years intensive teaching)

* 9 years practicing Feldenkrise method.

* 5 years of practicing "child's space" method with babies, mothers & babies

* many years of expriance workin with children

* 3 years arts practicing and studding

1987-1996 - public school

1996-1997 – Scouts movement instructor training

1996-1999 - arts school

1996 - Reiki 1. Course

1996-2005 - General studies and Yoga practice in different methods and teachers:

-Hata yoga with different teachers during the years

-Ashtanga method (in Tel Aviv, Israel)

- Hata yoga and Tibetan meditation (in N.Y)

- yoga and meditation curse (Guatemala)

- Kundalini yoga ( barzeloina)

- Sivananda method with Sivananda teacher in Ghokarna, India

- Sharat – Ayengar course in Dharmsala, Kriya yog & Hatha yoga with

- one month intensive ayurvedic cleaning and meditation with Reza j (daramsala)

2005-2007 - Yoga Teacher Training course,Tel Aviv "Inner sound" school of Brighu yoga education DIPLOMA OF YOGA TEACHER INTERN IN SPECIFIC STUDIES OF YOGA FOR POPULATION WITH SPECIALL NEEDS-SPECIAL EDUCATION instructed by Dr. Udi Bilu master in YOGA & Feldenkrais method.

2008 intensive yoga curse in Varanasi with Sri Brahma Gopal Bhaduri

2007-2013 - continuing studies & practice of hatha yoga & Brighu Yoga in the brighu yoga school under the teaching of Dr.udi bilu and Shivu Shamkar Tripoti.

2011- Advanced course for master in Brigu yoga



Tel. +972503966606

E-mail noagr123@gmail.com

Sakhria Mourad

Sakhria Mourad started to practise Yoga when he was 14 and now he is teacher. He practised Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation. He also practised Martial Arts where he achieved the 7th Dan and he hold three world records.


Bora  Ercan

Bora Ercan was born in Izmir. He lives in Istanbul. He is the founder and coordinator of Hariom and Om Yoga Schools in Istanbul. He has been travelling almost all the Asia, Europe and Africa for years. He is the writer of three books on India, Tibet andMediterranean Islands. He also made two yoga DVDs. Bora started practising meditation 25 years ago. Over the past ten years he has been practising and teaching hatha yoga. He used to stay in many ashrams in India.


Tel. 00905337638267


Isabelle Bacquenois - Sannyasi Yogapushpa

Sannyasin Yogapushpa- Isabelle is the founder of the Yunus Emre farm, Yogic Ecological farm, in South Turkey near Antalya. She is French and born in 1959 in France. After having been flying as bush pilot then airline pilot around the world, she discovered Yoga in 1999, met her Spiritual Master Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati in 2001 and her whole life changed for the best! In 2001 she underwent the 4 months certificate course in Yogic Studies, in Bihar Yoga Bharati (in Munger India) under the guidance of Swami Niranjan. Then she spent several months in India, serving in different places, travelling in some sacred locations or ashrams. She received Sannyas initiation on 25 december 2002 and since then tries to follow humbly this difficult path of self knowledge and self evolution where each and every experience of life may be considered as a sparkle of teaching. In 2003 she came back to France, in the BijaYogashram where she served and started the full Satyananda Yoga Teacher Training course (3 and half long year course). In 2004, she had to go back to the world where her pilot life waited for her. Some more years in the aviation world, time to be lead to Turkey, country of Mevlana and Yunus Emre, Sufi Masters and Poets, and ultimately she settled down, created the Yunus Emre farm and let aviation quit her for good, in 2008. She founded the Yunus Emre farm as a project dedicated to Mother Nature, and to the next generations who will have to manage the world... The farm’s design is – as far as possible using the powerful tools of permaculture and the farm transmits the knowledge and wisdom of Yoga by organising seminars, programs, retreats. Yogapushpa- Isabelle lives all year in the farm, and is also giving yoga classes and programs in Yoga Studyo Antalya, yoga center that she founded in 2013 in Antalya. 
On the 12 september 2012 yet, due to a terrible forest fire, the farm has been almost entirely destroyed. Only the yoga places were remaining :o) Since this time, the struggle and challenge are high to rebuild the farm. Yet, slowly slowly and with the help of all friends of the Yunus Emre farm around the world, things happen. More updated information to be found in the websites of the farm. 

telephone (turkey) 90 531 512 09 28 (Mobile only)
E-mail yunusemrefarm@yahoo.com