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Welcome to World Movement for Yoga

The light of knowledge let the human mind to become more clear and to see some basic aspect s on which existence is based on, as the phenomenon of diversity. Diversity is a beautiful aspect of the Divine and so it is to be considered sacred. It represents the complex, the infinite complex and the infinite God. This intuition characterized the main part of my existence, so that instead of being afraid of diversity I learnt to love it and I appreciated how much it can stimulate my mind for an evolutionary growth. Love and respect for diversity indicated to me the way to peace, the only one: Unity in Diversity.

So, today I feel Karma Yogi in what I consider a new movement of universal thought that could end inner and world conflicts: Unity in Diversity.

Dear visitor you are welcome on this website, where your diversity will be respected and taken into consideration by all of us, where your being different will be normal to all of us, and noone of us will be violent asking you to change yourself for staying with us.

Our movement wants to gather together under its sky everyone who wants to be operative toward a good direction of love and diffusion of a discipline like Yoga that taught to all of us the way to peace.

 Yogacârya Amadio Bianchi
 Swami Suryananda Saraswati
 President of the World Movement for Yoga