Swami Suryananda Saraswati
Amadio Bianchi

Founder of World Movement for Yoga & Ayurveda, European Yoga Federation and World Movement for Indian Fine Arts. President of Italian Official Confederation of Yoga and International School of Yoga & Ayurveda C.Y. Surya. Vice President of European Yoga Federation. Teacher of Philosophy & Hindu Culture, Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Therapy, Yoga & Meditation.
He regularly gives lectutres at major congresses and organize meetings worldwide. He got in touch with the oriental thinking by publishing two studies on philosophy: “The Evolution” and “The symbols”, allowing him greater insight into Oriental culture. He contributes regularly to different magazines, periodicals, publishing houses, television programmes, as adviser, a guest or author of article titles for regular columns.




Yogacarya Mimoun Abdel-Lah

Founder of European Yoga Federation. President of "Asociacion de Profesores de Yoga Comunitarios". Adviser & founder member of the Spanish Federation of Professional Yoga. Founder of the National Sakuratakekan Association.
& Karate Master(Sensei 9° Dan)



Yogacarini Pandit Gayatri Devi
Emy Blesio

Founder of
European Yoga Federation, World Movement for Yoga & Ayurveda and World Movement for Indian Fine Arts. Founder and President of The World Community of Indian Culture & Tradicional Disciplines and Suryanagara International Center of Yoga, Arts, Culture & Oriental Disciplines. Vice-president of Italian Official Confederation of Yoga.

Art Director of the "Indian Festival: East meets West". Trainer of Yoga teachers. Expert on indian mithology and philosophy. Founder of Varutha Kriya.


Former Director General of the National Human Rights Commission of India
and Former Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation


D. R. Kaarthikeyan


D. R. Kaarthikeyan, is well known for his amazing “Life List” of accomplishments. He has held many prestigious positions in the democratic framework of our country. He was the Chief of Investigation of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, Director-General of Central Reserve Police Force, Director of the prestigious Central Bureau of Investigation and Director General of National Human Rights Commission. In addition to his professional achievements he has also authored a bestseller ‘Triumph of Truth-Rajiv Gandhi Assassination-The investigation.

He says, “Spirituality, after all, is not just about rituals and visits to places of worship, but about character building, imparting of values, responsibility, caring and sharing.”



Indian Pubblic Relations
H.H. Mahamandaleshwar Laxmi Devi Ji (Laxmi Thakur Singhal)

Secretary of Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee, Indian Pubblic Relations of World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda, National Coordinator of Women International Network, Coordinator (Delhi State) of Yog Confederation of India, President Delhi State of World Religious Parliament, Director AVK Consultants Pvt. Ltd.


General Coordinator of Indian Relations
Vijay Tiwari

Is General Coordinator of Indian Relations of World Movement for Yoga, General Secretary of Yog Confederation of India, Secretary General of International Yog Confederation, Advisor of The Global Open University, Nagaland, National Coordinatorof RBH, MoPR, GOI,
Director of A.V.K Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Advisor of Women International Network.



Dott. Prof. Mark Dyczkowski

He lives and works in Benares.
He achieved the B.A. and M.A. in philosophy and Indian religion at the Benares Hindi University. He studied Sanskrit grammar and literature with Pandit Ambikadatta Upadhyaya, master of many famous Hindu experts, like Diana Eck, present-day director of the Religion Department at Harvard University.
After he graduated with distinction at the Benares Hindu University he went to England, where he has been admitted to the Sanskrit Department at the Oxford University and finished his research doctorate (D. Phil) in 1980, with a study of the Spanda School of “Shivaism” in Kashmir, published in three volumes at the SUNY (State University of New York) Press.
In 1980 he came back to Benares and start to work into a research project on the Tantra Shivaiti development at the
Benares Hindu University, a study that has been published
in 1989 by the SUNY Press.
From 1990 he studies the Newar’s tantrism worship, who live in the
Katmandu valley, and especially the secret and widespread worship of the Kubjikaa divinity.


Swami Narayanananda Saraswati
Dr. José Ruguê Ribeiro Junior

President of the World Movement for Ayurveda
Graduated in Medicine in 1981 – Brazil
Pos graduated in Clinic and Intensive Care Brazil
Ayurvedic and Panchakarma pos graduation on Pune - India
Acharya of Suddha Dharma Mandalam International in many contries
according his Guruparampara line.
On 2004 was Iniciated Swami Narayanananda Ayurved Saraswati by Swami Madhavananda, Shankaracharia from Prayag Pita Alahbad
President of Sri Vajera Foundation and Chairman of Kalaysa Ayurvedic Clinic
in many cities in Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Italy and Portugal
Professor of Ayurveda on Anhembi Morumbi University – Brazil
Provide Ayurvedic and Yoguic training Courses in various cities in Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Italy and Portugal
Acharya of Suddha Sabha, an authentic Vedic Ashram in the interior of Brazil where he train many students in Ayurveda, Yoga Sadhana,
Vedic literature and Sanatana Dharma.
Wrote books about Yoga and translate and publish traditional an rare Vedic books.


Counselor Rapresentative of Yoga Confederation of India
Doctor A Sethi

Is President of Yoga Confederation of India and Academy of Holistic Sciences
Jyotishacharya (Gold Medalist), Teacher in Yog Therapy, Yog & Ayurved Kulbhushan, Ayurved Ratna,
Naturopath, Acupressure-Therapist/Reflexologist, Magnetotherapist, Sujok Acpuncturist, Reiki Grand Master,
Pyra Vastu Consultant, Tarot Reader.
He is a versatile personality, having interests in various Holistic Sciences for the last two decades.


Uttar Pradesh
Pandit Ji R. Avindramani Tripathi

His whole life is social and Spiritual. He devoted his life to Gods and Goddes. He is a Brahmin and he knew the research Bhakti Marg. He has been working for Congress Party since 1970. At present he is Secretary in Uttar Pradesh Congress Commitee.


Honorary Secretary

Swami Ramaswarupanandaji Maharaj

Personal attendant of Swami Chidanandaji Maharj (president of the Divine Life Society of Rishikesh, India) and very close disciple of Swami Sivananda for nearly thirty years.
Very knowledgeable about the Gita and Yoga, as well as the vedantic tradition and yoga techniques like Pranayama, mantra & meditation.
Nowadays he travels around the world to disseminate his message of peace, harmony & unity.


    General      Coordinator of Relations
with Europe

Yogamata Madâlasâ Saraswati
Mayte Criado

President of the European Yoga Federation Director of the INTERNATIONAL YOGA SCHOOL in Spain; President of Spanish Professional Yoga Federation; founder of ENCUENTROS DE YOGA "SURYA" and the "Studies of Sound, Yoga & Hindu Music Association" of Yoga. Spain's representative of the World Community of Indian Culture & Traditional Disciplines. Trainer of Yoga teachers. Musician and Singer of Hindu chants. Specialized in Nada & Mantra Yoga.


     Adviser    and General     Coordinator of Relations
with the South
 America Countries

Swami Shankara Saraswati
Antonio Sergio de Oliveira

Spiritual director of the Shankara Yoga Ashram, Patrono and Fundador of the Association Shankara Yoga Ashram of Brazil, dedicates all his time to the propagation of Târaka Yoga in the world. Its recognition and world-wide reputation come placing its image like one from the great and prestigious teachers in the Art and Filoso'fica-Espiritual Science of the Yoga. Several are their titles, graduations and specializations surrounding science of the body, the mind and the spirit, throughout his 25 years of experience. It comes being recognized every time but like the new world-wide coder from the science of the Târaka Advaita Vedanta Yoga - Yoga of the science of the nondual life, the Liberating Light.

Adviser and
Responsable head Himalaya

Krishna Das

Krishna Das is a master of Nada Yoga and Mantra Yoga. He is a master of Sitar and other Indian musical instruments, such as Surbahar, Saranghi, Harmonium etc. Widely known and appreciated both in India and in Europe, where he gives concerts during six months per year, he devote his life to music, transfusing in it a deep sense of joy and inner enchantment. He is a connoisseur and an interpreter of the ancient Veda philosophy. He is a composer of transcendental music.
Awarded " Artist for Peace - Assisi 2002 " by United Artists for Peace.


Adviser andCoordinator of Relation with Countries of Portughes Language

Yogasiromani Tinoji

President of Portuguese Yoga Federation since 2000. Director of the Formation of Yoga Teachers, of PYF Practitioner and teacher of other oriental Arts (AiKiDo, IAiDo, Ten-Chi Tessen).
Ayurveda Practitioner.
Regular attendant in “satsangs”, seminaries and conferences, in Portugal and other countries, being in contact with renowned masters, also due to his frequent visits to India and other spiritual centres.
Founder of several Yoga Associations.



Coordinator of Integration policy between people

Doc. Antonio Izzo

President of the Migration Committee of the European Parliamentary Observatory and of the Europe Council.
Strongly socially committed and for the integration policy between people.
Expert of migratory policies and firmly convinced that the migratory policy’s aims, in Italy and in Europe, can in the same time cure the growth of Countries and reconcile themselves with the aim of solidarity between people and the duty of welcome.

General Secretary

Our sister Daniela Visione died in the recent earthquake of l' Aquila (Italy) but she will always be in our hearts.


Lawyer Daniela Visione

Teacher of Yoga devoted to search & research in the field of milenary disciplines. Founder member, former president and current collaborator of "Senado Accademico dell'Accademia Internazionale di Yoga tradizionale Brahmajnana".
A lawyer by profession, she is Managing Director of Montereale District Council. Graduate in pianoforte, concert performer and expert in music notation &  pianist instrumentality of the contemporary century.


interreligious relations
Petar Gramatikoff

Member of the International Federation for Pastoral Care of Hard of Hearing People, Co-founder and chairman of the "DIalogue Centre - Bulgaria", Plovdiv, Bulgaria (society for interchurch and interfaith dialogue and research on neo-sectarian and cult front-organisations), Consultant and author of religious lectures for the specialized rubric for deaf people at the Bulgarian National Television, Co-founder of the interdenominational not-for-profit organisation "Christian Association - Plovdiv", Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Co-founder of the international not-for-profit organisation "Slavonic Fellowship - Plovdiv", Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Membership at the Union of Bulgarian Journalists., Accreditation as a journalist from “Help the Needy” Public Newspaper at the United Nations Office in Geneva, Member of the Ethical Commission at the District Mental Institution – Plovdiv, Membership at the Fellowship of the Bulgarian writers in Plovdiv.


Coordinator of Relation with India,USA and Europe

Prof Sitaraman

has headed the reputed Ayurvedic Hospital and Research Centre in Kottakkal (Kerala) for a long period and has been actively involved with Studies on Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga and has conducted many training sessions for corporate executives and students of Amity University in India on Stress Mgmt through techniques of MYNA (Meditation, Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda). Has given lectures on Ayurveda and Yoga at the United Nations in New York, World Bank in Washington D C, Trinidad and many other places in India and abroad. He has promoted cultural and spiritual thoughts of India's rich heritage in about 31 countries visited by him as Member-Secretary of Many Delegations promoted by Govt of India. He has taught MBA students in many prestigious educational Institutions like IIMs in places like Calcutta, Mumbai, Delhi, Jamshedpur and Calicut. Prof Sitaraman's experience since 1957 in active employment is covered by TRACT (Teaching, Research, Administration, Consultancy and Administration during his tenure with BIRLAS, XLRI Mgmt Institute, Tata Consultancy Services, Ministry of Commerce (Govt of India) and so on.



Acharya Girish Jha

26 years of experience in Authentic Yoga – Education, Research, Training, Therapy. 23 years of working in the field of Yoga - Education, Research, Training, Therapy, Promotion in National Institute of Yoga, Govt. of India. Experience in Administration, Policy Making, Project Preparation, Writing Yoga articles, Research Projects, organizing Seminars, workshops, Conferences’ etc.


Yogi Shyamanath Aghory
Yogaguru Chhatrapati
Arunodaya Singh
Chakradhar Frend


Was born on 12thOctober 1938 in Benga(District: 24 Pargana). He was born in the Brahmana Caste and belongs to the traditional lineage of Guru Gorakshanath.
When he was 26 years old he was initiated into the Aghori Community and he follows the Yogi Shyamanath Aghory’s creed: The World is Nothing.
He has done many Sadhana(Penance), including: Yog-Sadhana, Samshan Sadha, Sara Sadhana and Shana Sadhana.


Mahatma Brahmachary Krishananda

World-wide Presiden of Arya Hindu Brahmo Shanga and Brahmavidya Ashram Argentina, President of the: Parlamento Argentino de Religiones, Gurudiksha of Gauranga Yoga Ashram, Gran Collar of the Augusta Orden Bonaria, President for Latin America of Amma Mission Argentina (Spiritual Mission of Charity and Social Protection).


Dott. Mukesh D Jain

Ayurvedic practitioner, consultant researcher, author and educator for over 28 years. Double graduated in Science, Ayurveda with modern medicine & surgery both from University of Saugar & Ravishanker University CG, India. Director Panch Karma Clinic on NMD at Sanjivani & Director Ayush Academy of Ayurveda offering training in Panch Karma, Yoga & Aesthetics.

Secretary of  the South
 Amarica Countries
Yogacarini Sonia Dumpierres

Master of Yoga, with deep knowledge in Yogatherapy,
Eastern Masotherapy (Zen Shiatsu, Tailande's and Zen Yoga) and Asana Vidya (science of the positions).
Ex- member of the equipment of professors of the School Internacional of Stella Maris Sironi,
Director of the Center Ananda de Eastern Terapias,
ex- president of the AASRRF in Argentina.
President of the Association Shankara Yoga Ashram of Brazil, Director of the School the International of Eastern Masoterapia OM, creator of a Special Technique of Yoga for pregnancy: Matro-Yoga-Therapy, director of the Shankara Yoga Ashram in Caxias do Sul - RS - Brazil, member of the Eupean Yoga Federation
and World Moviment of Yoga and Ayurveda.
Recognized by several traditional lineages of Yoga.
Yoga has been practicing from its 15 years and for 10 years teaching these millenarian traditions to the service of the humanity.



Juan Carlos Acuna Gaso

Direct disciple of the Master Swami Suryananda
Expert in Yoga Integral, Yogateraphy & Art-Therapy.Ayurvedic Operator. In constant collaboration with official institutions of the state Member of the official Italian Confederation of Yoga. Member of the C.Y. Surya(International School for Yoga and Ayurveda).


Dr Yugandhar GR

Dr Yugandhar is a General Surgeon and a Spiritual teacher. A series of experiences related to Astral Travel, Past Lives, ESP and enthusiastic research in various aspects of Spirituality, Study of various Masters and their teachings etc., created a lot of Spiritual Transformation in him. TRANSFORMATIONAL MEDICINE under which banner he included and devised many methods actually causes Transformation of Mind and Life leading to Self-Realization thus putting an end to all diseases and suffering. He started a workshop culture called CMSE’s (Continued Medico-Spiritual Education) in which Pioneers of Medico-Spiritual world are invited to train the people in different aspects of Medical and Spiritual Science. He is also Board Member of New Age Doctors’ Association (NADA). He is passionate about inviting various masters unto to one platform as a part of unifying all the spiritual forces working across the planet.


Representative of ex-Jugoslavia's countries
Sanja Raca

Since some year, she is getting involved in Croatia and in other Countries of the Ex Yugoslavia for the spreading of the Indian culture and its disciplines. She organized training courses of Yoga and Ayurveda and she promoted the Indian dance’s knowledge by organizing an exhibition in Zagreb. She promoted the publication of articles on important reviews and magazines of the Countries she represents.

Daniela Celikovic

Daniela Celikovic is certified yoga teacher and a founder of Academy for Living Healthy, and Yoga Center within. She has been practicing yoga for last ten years, under supervision of Jadranko Miklec.She became a yoga teacher after four years of education at Jadranko Miklec’s school (Association for sport and recreation "SUN") where she studied a program of Science of Vedic Yoga.

Daniela lives and works in United States of America (New Jersey).
She is grateful to her teacher Jadranko, who unselfishly gave her knowledge and ability to help people to see life in different and better way


Ing. Jadranko Miklec

Jadranko Miklec started practicing yoga and martial arts from childhood and 1978 he started to teach yoga and karate. Jadranko Miklec is autor of five books and DVD on yoga. Books and DVD are accepted by library of Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, India (An autonomus organisation under Deptt. Of AYUSH, Ministry of Health & Health &F.W., Govt of India). Jadranko Miklec practices and teaches Yoga in Europe and other continents (India – Kanpur) already for 30 years, he is also master of Martial arts (karate). For 27 years he is teacher of Transcendental Meditation and for 16 years teacher of  Maharishi Vedic Science. Jadranko was organizing and conducting many International World Peace Assemblies in Croatia. Knowledge about Yoga Jadranko gained from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, A.G. Mohan – direct disciple of Shri T. Krishnamacharya, Maharishi Swami Dev Murti, other Yogacharyas and his own insights which he gained trough the long practice and discovering deeper understanding of Yoga. Jadranko has also experience with the application of Yoga and Ayurveda to sport and he was yoga trener of one of the most popular tenis player in the world. Also Jadranko was teaching yoga to companies in Croatia like IBM and Ericsson Nikola Tesla. For teaching yoga Jadranko is cooperating with Maharishi Akademie Für Vedische Wissenschaft.

Maja Popov

Born 05.28.1975 in Osijek. I met with meditation and yoga at age 13. With 18 years in the Ukraine and Switzerland ended up as the youngest teacher of Transcendental Meditation and yoga.Throughout life most knowledge received from Maharishi Mahes Yogi and Jadranka MIKLEC of who and specializes in therapeutic yoga and individual approach to exercise that has successfully been implemented with professional athletes and clubs at home and abroad. Graduated in the Novi Sad Faculty of Sports. She published two books and two DVDs of yoga. The owner and editor of the magazine Yoga & Fitness.Propagira healthy life and pledge to introduce yoga and meditation in schools and work organizations. Yoga as a perfect form of exercise and strengthen the spine and the whole physiology of meditation as a mental technique to release stress and create mental and emotional balance in children.



Julia von Cube



Born in 1987 in Göppingen, Germany. During her stays in different countries she had the chance to practice various yoga styles. In the US, for instance, she practiced Vinyasa Yoga and Bikram Yoga. In Germany she practiced especially Hatha Yoga and Laya Yoga. Since some time now she also teaches Ashtanga Yoga. She is a certified Yoga teacher, recognized by the European Yoga Federation and the World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda. Her main teacher is Jadranko Miklec with whom she works and travels to give Yoga Courses. Julia von Cube also learned various healing methods such as healing mediations and is master of Reiki. She also studied marma therapy, Kaya kalpa and therapeutic massages. Furthermore, she is the teacher of different kinds of meditations.



Fiji Cultural Ambassador
Dr Aayam Gupta

Dr. Aayam Gupta was born and brought up in Dharmakshetra Kurukshetra, Haryana, India. He is a qualified Ayurveda physician and Yoga Teacher, professionally active for almost a decade now. His supportive qualifications are related to Modern Nutrition, Computer Science & Applications and Management. He has extensive teaching, training, research and clinical experience in Ayurveda and Yoga in various institutes of repute. His exceptional past job profiles includes working as Yoga Physician to Hon’ble Judges & Officers of Supreme Court of India; Yoga Teacher to the Ex-Vice Chief of Naval Staff (currently Chief of Naval Staff of India), International faculty in Ayurveda and Yoga to Singapore and as Lecturer cum resident medical officer at Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute. He was also an active resource person and team member for drafting the standardized National Curriculum in Yoga at MDNIY under a project of Ministry of AYUSH in 2007-2008. He has been a resource person and examiner to leading educational institutes and universities in Yoga and has delivered lectures, talks and paper presentations using modern ICT tools in many seminars, conferences and symposiums in India and abroad. Presently he is deputed as Cultural ambassador in Yoga to Fiji by Govt. of India through ICCR ( and is working at Indian Cultural Sub-Centre, Lautoka City, Fiji ( since 2009 for the noble cause of “Friendship through Culture”. His current job profile satisfies all the thirteen purposes of creating World Federation of Yoga and Ayurveda as laid down in its charter


Dr Raghavendra Rao M

Ph D in Yoga from SVYASA, University, Bangalor and Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (B.N.Y.S.). Research Experience: 3 Years and 4 Mounths Working in the department of Clinical & Psychoneuroimmunological Research, at Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation, Bangalore. This center is recognized as a research center by Department for Scientific and Industrial Research, (DSIR) Government of India, New Delhi. Invited Member: Central committee for ethical guidelines, ethics training and workshop- Indian Council for Medical Research, New Delhi. Awards and Citations: Recipient of Dr. Sushila Thacker Prakruti Mandir Prize for the best paper in the field of Yoga , Naturopathy and Natural Health by Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India in December 2002. Membership of scientific bodies: Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India. Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists. Indian Naturopathy and Yoga graduates Association. Member of the editorial board of Immunology and Arthritis Education and Re.

New Zealand
Gerald Lopez
LLB, Dip. Ayurvedic Medicine

Gerald is a New Zealand-trained Ayurveda and Yoga consultant, running clinics and workshops in various parts of New Zealand and the Pacific. He is president of the New Zealand Ayurvedic Association; and chairman of the Natural Health Council (NZ), a national organisation representing modalities such as Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Medical Herbalism and Homeopathy. Gerald is active in promoting Ayurveda to the public and to the government; and in promoting Integrative Medicine as the sustainable health system of the future.
Gerald has written articles on Ayurveda and Yoga in international magazines, such as the peer-reviewed Light On Ayurveda Journal (LOAJ). He also promotes Ayurveda and Yoga via the Internet - on his website/blog, on ezines, and on various forums. He is a member of the Academic Advisory Board of Wellpark College of Natural Therapies, which is developing a Bachelor's Degree in Ayurveda.


Dr S Ramakrishna Sharma

Ph.D in English;Ph.D in Sanskrit, study and concept up-gradation of HRD
(Human Resource Development) with a new dimension SRD
(Spiritual Resource Development) led to the formation of CSRD(Centre for SRD) at
DAYA, 19-16/3, Aranthabettu, Behind NITK PG Hostel,Srinivasnagar P.O
Mangalore 575025, India.
He says: "Beyond the product and performance is the Performer, the living conscious spiritual being.
Expansion of consciousness through spiritual resources begins with Heritage Awareness.

India is not merely a geographical area. For those who have the cultural sensitivity
and spiritual sensibility, India that is
Bharatam reveals the inner spiritual land/mind/spirit/scape"


N.S Ravishankar

DLL.,FI?PFM (UK).,ACIIIA (Canada).,DUN & IU., ADLM (Japan) International repute
Financial expert, social activist and received several national and international honours.
Scores of articles on varied topics widely published in India and abroad. Received
Several fellowship and awards at national and international level. As a Yoga expert
He has written acclaimed book “YOGA FOR HEALTH” WON SEVERAL PRIZES AND AWARD.
Fond of promoting Yoga, Nature Cure and Ayurveda he involved in various research studies
And also have a plan to publish volume of books on the said topic. He is authority
In STRESS MANAGEMENT and qualified psychological counselor and offer help to need
People free of cost. He will also involve in such organization and wish to support on
Honorary basis. He is the founder Secretary of International Socio-Literary Foundation
And through this forum he is recognizing outstanding writers, social activists.
Ravishankar will be contacted for any help

Honorary Correspondent from Italy
M°Sri Rohininandana Das

34th Generation VAISNAVA and SHAOLIN MONK, Yoga Master in Hatha-yoga, Bhakti Sastri, Shaolin Master, World Champion

Shaolin Kung-Fu 2000, WTKA Kung-Fu Master 6th Dan, Social Educator of Lombardy Region in Martial Arts, Combat and
Oriental Disciplines with Quality and Ethics Certification UNI-EN-ISO 9001 according to the International Educational
Standard Jitakyoei. President and Technical Director of SHAOLIN MONKS ®, Vice-President of E-MAA (E-Motion Arts
Academy- Milan). World Technical Director Taijiquan and Shaolin Sector WTKA Italia Kung-Fu e WTKA International.
President Federazione WTKA Italia Yoga (F.I.W.Y). Honorary Member of European Yoga Federation,Honorary Correspondent of
World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda.
Author of numerous books on Yoga and Author of the 1th
SYSTEMATICS ENCYCLOPEDIA in Italian - with translation from the original texts - on history, philosophy, spirituality,
psychology, internal/external tecnique and cultural back-ground of SHAOLIN WARRIOR-MONKS, Supporter of the desire of the Shaolin Temple Abbot Shi-Yong-Xin that
Shaolin, as historic site and cultural tradition, may soon be elevated to the UNESCO World Heritage Status.


Dr.Sachin Sarpotdar

Ayurved consultant, Physician and teacher, honorary lecturer in two Ayurvedic colleges in Pune, member of the research committee in Akurdi Ayuved college, overseas education coordinator in S.S.Ayurved college Hadapsar.

H.H. Jagat Guru Amrta Suryananda Maha Raja

Founder and President of the Yoga Portuguese Confederation, and Yoga
Sámkhya Institute; Yoga practitioner for over 41 years; is the author of Chakra Sútra - the 7 main Chakra of Yoga (1985), and Sámkhya, Cosmogenesis and Yoga – beyond Hydrogen (1986). Founder of OMKÁRA - Choir and Orchestra of Mantra, and PASHUPATI - Advanced Traditional Yoga Demonstrators. His Grand Internal Yoga Master is the Adi Guru Lord Shiva; the live Master that most influenced him was Svámin Krshnánandaji Sarasvatí of Shivánanda Áshrama – rshikesh; and his other big reference is the Mahá Shakti who unveiled herself in 1917 in Fátima, Portugal - the Bright Lady transmitted the urgent stop of bloodshed amongst the Humanity.Mahá Rája is the head of the Yoga Teaching Graduation Program, always with
a high stand of world excellency, and teaches the complete Yoga Training Program for Yoga Instructors in 6 years = 4.500 training hours, Yoga. Teachers in 10 years, and Yoga Masters in a total of 14 years. In 2001, he proposed to UN and UNESCO the creation of the First Global Day– Ecumenical Day, Inter Ethnic, Inter Religious, and Inter Cultural - on the Solstice, June 21st – which is also the Yoga World’s Day – a Fraternal. Day - 24 hours without bloodshed in the whole World, a Day for the Enlightenment of Humanity, for the preservation of the Ecosystems, and the human-Cosmic


Dr. Naveen Kumar Arya

Ayurvedic consultant (pulse diagnosis & counselling), panchkarma
specialist (special massage & steam processes), diet clinic with reference
of ayurveda, teaching & training in yoga & its therapeutic applications,
online consultations on ayurveda & yoga, online education on ayurveda &
yoga, scientifically designed ‘individualized therapeutic yoga modules’
for treating specific ailments along with judicious use of ayurvedic
Awarded as Best Ayurvedic innovation physician from the international
Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Baidaraj (sister concern of Baidanath)


Hitdorf on the Rhine (Germany)
 -United Kingdom-

Born in Bangor, North Wales, . Spent fifteen years with his first Master, Osho, and five years with the great Advaita Master H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji), a direct disciple of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. Here his search came to an end and these years brought immense understanding and wisdom.
His deep love for India and Sri Ramana Maharshi led him to meet and befriend many Indian Saints and Masters, collecting rare interviews which can now be found in the Film and the Book Blueprints for Awakening.
Premananda lives in the Open Sky Satsang Community in Germany between Cologne and Düsseldorf, and offers Satsang meetings throughout Europe. He enjoys art and beauty and is himself a painter. His recent books, Papaji Amazing Grace and Arunachala Talks, are published by Open Sky Press in English and German.


Correspondent for french speaking Countries
Sakhria Mourad

Sakhria Mourad started to practise Yoga when he was 14 and now he is teacher. He practised Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation. He also practised Martial Arts where he achieved the 7th Dan and he hold three world records.


Domingos Antonio Goncalves de Oliveir  -Canada-

Emissary Instructor of Suddha Dharma Mandalam Canada. President of Yoga Brahma Vydia Shala Canada section.Graduated in Biology in 1986, holds a Master in Cell and Molecular Biology issued by the University of the State of São Paulo in 1998 (Brazil), and a Masters in Entomology (Molecular Genetics) issued by the University of California, Davis (USA) in 2000. Graduated as Ayurveda Therapist with Swami Narayananand Ayurved Saraswati (Dr. Jose Ruguê), at the Yoga Brahma Vidyalaya School, with a practical internship in Panchakarma and Massage Therapy at he Suddha Sabha clinic in Brazil, being certified as Ayurveda and Yoga therapist in March 2007


North America Countries

Suzana Panasian

Yoga Instructor and Ayurveda Therapist, has been practicing Yoga since 1991 when she received her first Hatha Yoga training in the Sivananda and Ramakrishna traditions.
Under the collaboration with a Yoga Centers and Schools in Montreal offer presentations to introduce Ayurveda and its importance in the Yoga Practice to the new Yoga teachers, been teaching Hatha Yoga for about 5 years with several Organisations in Montreal It is the study of Yoga that brought her in contact with the science of Ayurveda, the "Science of Life". In 2005, Suzana followed a six month
Ayurvedic Healing Course with Dr. Frawley and became a Certified Ayurvedic Health Educator. In 2006, she gained more practical experience in Ayurveda procedures and treatments by following the Ayurveda Therapy Course at the
Suddha Sabha clinic in Brazil with Dr José Ruguê Ribeiro (Swami Narayanand Ayurveda Saraswati) following which she started to practice Ayurveda as a Certified Therapist.


Roberto Milletti

Roberto’s first approach to oriental arts began with Japanese martial arts in 1973.
Only in 1979 he became acquainted with Yoga and he soon devoted himself to this discipline.
After some year of practice with Master Edoardo Granone (who was in turn a direct pupil of SELVARAJAN YESUDIAN – 1st patriarch of Yoga in Europe) he became its first instructor, by individually training himself in Hatha Yoga.
He also deepened other branches of Yoga during his stays in Orient.
In particular:
- BAKTHI YOGA in 1985 at Vrindavana, India.
- RAJA YOGA in 1990 at the school of the abbot Tellambure Ananda Thero, Sri Lanca.
- in Austria at the SHIVANANDA centers, in 1993.
Beside, the Zen in the MYORENJI monastery of Kyoto, Japan.
At the end of Nineties, thanks to his background and to his experience, he founded the Contemporary Yoga.


China &
Hong Kong Correspondent
Lau Wan Shun Dickson

Dickson Lau is the Chairman and Chief Master of Hong Kong Yoga Association. He is one of the most highly respected yoga instructors in HK and has taught yoga for over 20 years. He started yoga since childhood and after years of exploration and practice, he has developed his own unique style of yoga by combining kung fu, sport science and the best of a diverse of yoga disciplines which he named as Dickson Yoga.
Dickson established the Hong Kong Yoga Association in 1994. Its mission is to promote yoga and expand the yoga community


Nouhou Idrissa

Started to practice yoga only in 2006 in occasion of Silver Jubilee of the International Art of Living Foundation receiving, on this occasion, a good education on pranayama, bhastrika sudarshan kriya, meditation and pancakosha. He is Corrispondent of World Movement for Yoga in Cameroon and he helps to spread yoga in Africa in neighboring countries.

Stefano Notarbartolo

He took a three months residential intensive course in Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Kriya in Mumbai, India
Previously he took a 200 and 500 hours TTC while he was in Shenzhen, China, organized by the Asia Yoga Teachers Alliance.
He came to the practice of Hatha Yoga after years of self-study of Indian Philosophy, especially the study of the Bhagavad Gita opened his mind to a whole new way to see reality and inspired him to go deeper into this topic that has now become his full time profession.
He consider himself merely a student with a piece of paper authorizing he to teach others, but he is still learning from others, as he believe that Yoga requires several lifetimes for its mastery, as it's not simply a physical exercise but a deeper work on our mind.


Est Europe
Isabella Demozzi

Ayurveda consultant  , owner of the Centrum Ajurwedy based in Warsaw , sole representative in East-Europe  for Dr. Franklin’s Panchakarma Institute and Research center  Kerala (South-India). Izabella Demozzi is representing Poland in the new European Ayurveda Association (EUAA) as founder member of  the  Polish  Ayurveda Association ( PSA) .Her goal in this life is to develop the path of the inner self –understanding, work in the universal energy and enlarge her knowledge. Since 10 years Yoga practitioner in different forms and expressions .


Darío Alan Feltan
Swami Budananda Saraswati

Was: President of the Municipal Commission of Artesanias de Obera (1990-1991) Misiones, (he is also a sculptor), Secretary of Yoga Association of the Province of Misiones (2001 -2005), President of the Missionary Association of Zen, Yoga, Shiatsu and Reiki (2006 -2008). He is Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Zen Trainer.

Dr.A.C. Rajeev Kumar. BAM,
PGD Panchakarma

Graduated from Kerala University in 1980.Started Ayurveda Yoga practice with Muthoor Narayana Pillai Vaidyan and Dr.A.C.Rahula Kumar.Conducted lot of free Ayurveda Medical Camps and Yoga sessions.
Formerly member of Mahatma Gandhi University Senate and Faculty is Zone Trainer of Jaycees International.
President of Ayurveda Medical Association of India,Pathanamthitta Unit,serves as state Committee member of Kerala State Small Industries association and Ayurveda Medicine Manufacturers Association.
Guest Faculty of Mar Athanesious College for Advanced Studies.


New Delhi
Ali Aadil Khan

20 Years Experience of Social work and Journalism, Freelance Journalist and Gen Secretary PR, Press & Admin, Association for Asian Union New Delhi.
President, V. President, Secretary, General Secretary and a member of more than 10 NGOs and societies.


Costa Rica
Doug Swenson
-Costa Rica-

Doug Swenson began his study of yoga in 1969. He has had the fortune of studying with many great teachers including Dr. Ernest Wood, K. Pattabhi Jois, David Williams, Nancy Gilgoff, Ramanand Patel, and others.
Doug is a master yoga practitioner, philosopher, poet and dedicated health advocate. He has incorporated influences from several different yoga systems along with his passion for nutrition and the environment to develop his unique approach. Over the years he has authored several books.


Naty Shteiner

Is acertified Yoga Teacher since 1996. Graduated from “Sivananda”, Canada. Specializes in Yoga for Children, Baby yoga e,Shantalamassage, Family Yoga and creative movement for children.
Naty has been teaching yoga to children ages 2 to12 years since 1997. She provides a wide range of programs and projects in a variety of settings, including primary schools, kindergartens, and preschools.
Naty’s unique approach includes teachers and parents as an essential component of her programs and she encourages their involvement and participation.
Naty has been serving as a teacher trainer and a mentor since 2000, facilitating training workshops for professional educators through "Yoga for children and Baby yoga in Israel.
Education and Credentials: Master in Education from the Yoga Institute Yoga Educational School -(Italian Yoga Federation) 2010-2012

Patna (Bihar)Correspondent
Dr Chakradhas Frend

did his graduation and post graduation studies in Microbiology and also completed the Bachelor in Laws.
He did a doctorate in Philosophy in Vedic Microbiology by the Indian Institute of Alternative Medicines, guided by Dr R.P. Mehta of Maharshi Academy of Vedic Science, Ahmedabad, Gujanat.
He’s the Founder Director of two vedic organizations: Maharshi Vedic Informations and Research Centre and Rishikanva Vedic Microbiology Research Institute.
He also organized the first historic International Seminar on Vedic Microbiology in New Delhi in August 2007.
Dr Chakradhas Frend is the author of the books “Vedic Microbiology” and “Revival History of Microbiology (Vedic to Modern)”; he publishes also an electronic montly newsletter “Vedicinformatics”.
He wants to devote his whole life studing the vedic culture.


Siddharth Colony
Yogi Doctor Amrit Raj

Featured in 70 television episodes of "Fitness Mantra", a yoga program on Total TV News Channel in India. Practiced as Freelance Ayurvedic Doctor in Haleclinic, London's Premier Centre for Complementary Medicine. Conducted teachings as Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Teacher at Triyoga, Special Yoga Centre and Jivamukti, London, UK. Presented on Anti-ageing, Beauty management and Stress management at Vitality Show, Kensington Olympia London, UK. Featured in Heath Show in Hollywood speaking as Ayurvedic Doctor and Yoga Teacher, telecast on Time Warder TV Channel through out US. Also featured in 33 Episodes of Arogyadham Ek Varden speaking as an Ayurvedic Doctor and Yoga Teacher, telecast on ZEEtv through out England and Europe Featured on Live TV shows on I tv in New York City, US. Lectured on Perfect Health Through Ayurveda and Yoga at International Yoga Festival Parmath Niketon Rishikesh, India. Lectured on Health and Balance through Ayurveda and Yoga at Punernava International Ayurveda and Yoga Conference in Rishikesh, India. Featured in 33 episodes of "Arogyadham Ek Vardan"; speaking as an Ayurvedic Doctor and Yoga Teacher, telecast on TV Asia Channel throughout the US and Canada, and throughout Europe on MA Channel.


Shirly Goldestein
-Israel Correspondent-

Ashtanga Yoga teacher of 600 hours certificate, with knowledge and practical experience gained both through studying, next to very well known teachers in London and usa, and teaching. SHIRLY GOLDSTEIN-
Workshops with leading teachers including among others Prana Vinyasa Yoga with Shiva Rea, Asthanga Yoga with john scott,'david swenson and Richard Freeman.
Her style comes from a “karma” gained through experience and emphasizing in the taste (rasa), energy (prana) of each class and mood (bhava) of each students.


Holger Lüttich

Yoga studies since 1990 and Completion of teacher training in 1999. He was initiated in Siddha Yoga by Yogi Madan and have completed the Yoga Master Course of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. He was also ordained as Buddhist Monk by the American Buddhist Church. He is Ayurveda Counselor, Social Worker and Psychologist (Doctor of Psychology with Emphasis in Contemplative Techniques). Dipl. Thesis on: "The Significance of the Individual in Socialist Philosophies", Master Thesis on: "The Yoga Methodology for Reintegration of the Mind in the Case of Mental Disorders". Doctoral Thesis on: "Fears and Anxiety as Phenomenons of Western Societies. The Ressources of Yoga and Meditation".
He is employeed in an Addcition Therapy Centre in Bavaria, Southern Germany, Founder of the "Bayurveda Academy for Yoga Therapy and Academic Trainings". Corporation with International Universities (Lecturer/Professor).


Surajit Das

Born in Calcutta (India) in a musical atmosphere/family, Surajit received his first sitar lesson from his aunt, Shrimati Suruchi Das, at the age of 9. At the same age he also started to do YOGA.
After a few years of training he developed a great interest in
Indian Classical Music and received further training from a well known sitarist, Prof. Kashinath Mukerjee. Surajit did not only stay under his guidance for more than 15 years, but has also been under the guidance of Prof. Chinmoy Lahere, a well known classical singer in India.
During his education Surajit studied and developed all the ragas according to the traditional style in all their phases.
In 1986 Surajit obtained his Masters Degree in Indian Classical Music at the Music University Prayag Sangit Samiti Allahabad, where he became third amongst all participants from all over India.
In 1989 Surajit was send on an European Tour to France, Belgium and Switzerland by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi , the founder of the Transcendental Meditation Movement.
Since 1990 Surajit is living in the Netherlands and has not only given Concerts and Workshops all around Europe, but has also worked together with personalities like Deepak Chopra and Roy Martina.


Yogi Chhatrapati Arunodaya Singh

Chhatrapati Arunodaya Singh was born on 15thJuly in Bihar(India/Shaarat) in the Ksatriya Caste. He started doing Yoga from 1993.
He was graduated in Pharmacy (B.Pharma) and in Laws. Apart from these educational qualifications, he holds post graduated Diploma in Yogic Studies and a Master in Science of Soul And Yoga.
Presently, he is doing a Master on Philosophy (M. Phil) in Yoga by the Global Open University of Nagaland.
He’s the Founder President of Yoga Chetana Samaj and the co-author of the book “Revival History of Microbiology (Vedic to Modern)”. He organized many programmers on Yoga in Bihar and also initiated a unique programmer “Shri Gita Viswashanti Yagna” in Bihar, to distribute Gita in every house of his country.
He has devoted his whole life to the cause of vedic culture and traditions and he’s considered a genuine resource in the yoga world (as theoretically as well as practically speaking).


Niranjan Mehta

Niranjan Mehta comes from a Jain business family. This family has a tradition of using Vedic astrology and gemstones very successfully. They have been royal advisors to ruling families in Kathiadwad (Gujarat) and in the business community for 16 generation (it is on document). As most of his family members have had a college education since 1830, they have an extremely rational approach and scientific mind to evaluate the effects and benefits of what gemstones they use. Also, his grandfather, Nautamlal Kamdar (Mehta) was a pioneer in introducing diamond cutting in 1909 in Jetpur, India.


Vishwanath Rudraraju

He was in the quest for god realization from quite early age, at the age of 20 he started having messages from the divine. Later he was guided to many Yogi's,Tantrics, Aghori's and also New-Age masters.
He teach Meditation, SunYoga, Healing, Past Life regression, SunYoga, Rebirthing, Shamanism. He currently head "AwakeningInstitute" which is giving by a great Siddha and he is currently working on special need children trying his best to make a difference in there lives. His Vision and his Mission is to create a boundary less, one, United World.


Houston U.S.A.
Vaidya K.B.Singh


Ayurveda Acharya, Yoga Teacher, M.D. in Accupuncture, Mongolian Massage and Accupresure, Cheaf Medical Officer at M.M. Medical Center in Delhi and runing his own Medical Center in Delhi. He organised lots of free camps all ower the up and Punjab. In 2008 Swami Ramdev Ji invite he to Patanjali Haridwar for special traning in yoga and ayurveda for 6 months. Presantly is working with Patanjali Yoga Foundation Houston and Svyasa Houston, and he is treating people with yoga and ayurveda.


Helga Fuchs

Ayurveda, Yoga, Yogatherapie and Healing Teacher. Actually she works with Dr. Splettsen, Paranormale Chirurgie, Massage after delivery, Ayurveda clinical Therapys.

R P Jain

Vice-President – International Research & Resource Foundation for Indian Heritage incorporating World Academy for Vedic Mathematics; India Consultant – Jain Spirit magazine, London; Honorary Advisor for Research – American Biographical Institute, USA; Associate Member – India International Center, New Delhi; Life Member – International Center, Goa


Jagjit Singh

Is a Managing Director of a school namely “Golden Public School”, situated at Manimajra, Chandigarh and has built a career of thousands children as well as he is a Proprietor of Senorita Export & Import Co. Ltd. He was working as a General Manager in Behrain & Hong Kong. He came in India in 1995 and deeply indulge himself in the divine study of Astrology.


Carrie Anne Fields

Carrie-Anne has owned and operated My Health Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Australia since 1998, specialising in yoga, counselling, acupuncture, reiki, tarot and ka huna bodywork. She holds a Bachelor of Psychology, is a Reiki Master, and is certified in acupuncture, kinesiology 1/11, Swedish Massage and Ka Huna Bodywork.
Carrie-Anne is an accredited Level 3 Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Teacher's Association of Australia. Carrie-Anne has studied yoga for over ten years with various teachers in Australia, Europe and America, has taught full time since 1999, and has spent regular retreat periods in silent meditation.


Dr Vadiraja H S

Ph D in Yoga from SVYASA University Bangalore and Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences.
Research Experience: Research officer in the project titled “Influence of yoga therapy in immune modulation and outcome in Rheumatoid Arthritis” in the department of Clinical Immunology, at MS Ramaiah Medical Teaching Hospital, Bangalore. Funded by CCRYN, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt of India.

Noah Lee

Director of Noa Therapy Pty Ltd., Award: Sydney Morning Herald – “Best Massage”, ATMS Member (Australian Traditional-Medicine Society), STAA Member (Shiatsu Therapy of Australia Association), P.G. Physical Education, P.E. Undergraduate, Bachelor degree in Physical Psychology, diploma of Remedial Massage, Diploma of Aroma Therapy, Diploma of Reflexology, Certificate of Shiatsu Therapy, Senior First Aid. Author of two books, Massage and Stretching, Sports Massage.


Divyakumari  Dawn (India)

General Secretary Women Yoga Association of Gujarat, Technical Director Gujarat State Yoga Association.
Degree of Diploma in Yoga Education with First Class from Bhavnagar University, Course in Sports Coaching of Yoga from National Institute of Sports (N.I.S.) Sports, Authority of India with 'A' Grade, Diploma in Yoga & Naturopathy from  Bharat Sevashram Sangha's Yoga and Naturopathy College Hospital and Research Centre, Kolkata, India, Teacher Training Course in Yoga from lakulish Institute of Yoga, Life Mission, India, International Judge of Yoga, International Coach of Yoga. YOGENDRANATH AWARD-2005 by Eastern India Yoga Development Forum, YOGA LOVER AWARD-2006 by Indian Yoga Development Forum, Official for Women Yoga Federation of India,Yoga Federation of India, Indian Yoga Federation , Indian Yoga Development Forum, School Games Federation of India, World Yoga Foundation (USA), World Federation of Yoga & Culture &  International Sports, Cultural and Yoga Federation.


New York

Nina Priya David (Priya Ma),

M.A., E.-R.Y.T., is an Oscar-winning former choreographer and the founder-director of Gyani Creative Yoga Therapy. Having studied and received certifications in a range of spiritual practices, she has adapted Yoga for many populations and taught in New York City and nationally for more than 20 years.


Yogacharini-MATILDE-J.GARCIA CHIAVENNA, Dharmacharini

Born in Buenos Aires, 1957, has always shown an innate interest in yoga and its philosophy. Belonging to a family with traditional catholic beliefs, at the early age of 5 and with her aunt’s help, met Padre Ismael Quiles S.J, a family friend. Through his guidance, she had access to the yoga practice, thus overcoming her chronic respiratory issues. In between her Theology, Latin Language and Culture, and Law studies, she continued practicing Hatha Yoga at the Catholic University. Interested in philosophy, metaphysics and theology, she took courses with different catholic priests (maronitas and carmelitas) at a very young age. She also had her first approach to metaphysics with the guidance of Horacio Valsecia. For the last 15 years she has been fully devoted to Yoga, being able to balance it with her family life.
After living in Buenos Aires for 40 years, she moved to Corrientes, where she opened the first and only Ashram in the region. At this site of the International Academy of Integral Yoga, she has taught and guided hundreds of professionals. She is constantly devoting herself into furthering her knowledge on Yoga with training courses as well as researching and writing on the subject. She is also a specialist in Yoga for the disabled. Maester in: Christian Yoga - (Padre Ismael Quiles, Padre Bechamet, De Lasalle and Dr. Walter Gardini Lineage); Integral Yoga - Sri Aurobindo Lineage; Yogatherapy - Reiki do and Pranochakrayoga Pranachikitsa - Integral and Educational Yoga - Zen and Zen Yoga -Shiatzu-Abyangam; Councelor in Ayurveda – Studied with Dr. Ranade (India) and Dr. Rugue (Brasil); Councelor in Feng Shui. (Shape Method) Head of the International Academy of Yoga; President of the Yogatherapy , Ayurveda and Yoga Federation in Argentina; Founder of the Yogatherapy and Ayurveda Association; Former Director of the Sports and Recreation Association in Argentina; Former Director of the Yoga Confederation in Argentina; Former Director of the Yoga Sports League in Argentina; Former Director of the Commission of Yoga in Education in Argentina; Former Director of the Yoga Federation in Argentina; Former Director of the Association for the Pradder Willi Syndrome in Argentina.
She has been a regular speaker at regional, national and international Yoga Congresses and Workshops.
She is an active member of the Yoga Maesters, Masters and Trainers Community in Argentina, which is an independent group working for the unity, respect and freedom of work and teaching of Yoga.
She has recently been chosen representative for the Yoga and Yogatherapy. International Movement by the Fayay in Argentina and European Yoga Federation.

(Uttar Pradesh)
Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

President of Arogya Dham Sansthan, Yoga Therapist and Naturopath, Masters degree in Naturopathy.
He is running a Yoga and Naturopathy Hospital (indoor and outdoor) since 1998 and cured hundreds of chronic patients.
He left spects after wearing them for 30 years and helped many others to get rid of thier spects.
He attended many Yoga Naturopathy and Ayurveda conferences and was awarded an honorary degree in Ayurveda.



Eduardo Pimentel Vazquez

Practice yoga since 1972 and teaches since 1982.
Teacher Training with Bobbi Goldin (USA) lineage BKS Iyengar, George Purvis (USA) lineage BKS Iyengar, Dean Lerner (USA) lineage BKS Iyengar, Marta Rodriguez (Spain) BKS Iyengar, Janet Macleod (USA) BKS Iyengar, Jayadeva Yogendra (India), Rodney Yee (USA).
Classes: Mary Paffard / Rogelio Nunez / Bell Baxter / Krishna Kaur / Chris Hosking /
Course with Deepak Chopra (Havana),
Initiation into the Ramakrishna Mission "- Hyderabad - India, Professor Physical Culture - 1976 graduate Havana - Cuba Member of the Theosophical Society - Cuba and the "Self Realization Fellowship" (Havana), Founding President of the Cuban Association of Yoga (1990 - Cuba), Member of the Latin American Union of International Federation dela Yoga and Yoga.


Dr Sonal R Bhavsar

She is a qualified Ayurvedic doctor studied in India. She has gained many other qualifications in uk such as Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Yoga, Indian head Massage, Hopi Ear Candle, Beauty Therapy and qualified adult teacher. She practice all these therapies for 15years in Leicester, UK. She has been doing Ayurvedic talk show in local television channel called MATV. Also her products were shown in British television(ITV)channel in 2000. She has written articles on Ayurveda and Yoga in local paper and local magazine called 'Ame gujarati". Currently she is running a health clinic called "Indived Ayurvedic and Holistic therapy" in Leicester providing her services to people, who suffers from any health problems.


Saudi Arabia

Muneerah Al-Shaneefi
-Saudi Arabia-

(Saudi Yoga and Fitness), currently write weekly articles dealing with health and fitness for Sayyidaty magazine and Conduct lectures and seminars on health and fitness at numerous health institutes, schools, and organizations in Saudi Arabia.
In 1997 was Head of Fitness Department at Prince Salman Social Center, in1999: Head of Fitness Department at Habib Medical Center, in 2000: Head of Fitness Department at A-Rathawiya Medical Center,in 2001: Teacher of Physical Education at Al-Mamlaka Schools, from 1997 to 2003: was Fitness columnist for Al-Iqtisaddiyah weekly.


Lokesha Huttchappa

Director of SANKALPA Yoga and Natural Health Center in Bangalore (India). Master of Science, M.S., (Yoga and Meditation) from Hindu University of America, Orlando. Yoga Therapy Instructors Intensive Training Program from Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation.


Deshpande Mumbai
Uday V. Deshpande

Chief Coach & Hon. Chief Secretary of Shree Samartha Vyayam Mandir, Dadar. Imparted personal training in Mallakhamb to about 60 Foreign Nationals, hailing from different countries, since 1988, and at about 20 places outside India viz usa, Uk, Germany, Singapore, Japan etc. Worked as International Referee in Gymnastics and officiated in the IX Asian Games 1982 and Junior Asian Gymnastics Championships, 1992 at New Delhi. Is a recepient of several prestigious awards viz Shiv Chattrapati award, dadoji Kondevv award.


Carlo Di Bernardino

Dr. Di Berardino is a Psychologist and psychotherapist; actually he’s the director of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy School and supervisor of the Italian School AIAMC. Since’99 he is the director of Center Day and Family Home of the Department of Mental Health of AUSL in Pescara. Since 7 years he practices yoga and meditation with the teacher Giorgio Barabino and now he follows the approach MBCT Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. He’s the editor of scientific journal called “Pendolo”. He published different works about clinical applications of Yoga and meditation in the rehabilitation of psychotics (Mc Graw-Hill,05). He is author of 70 articles and 4 books about scientific approaches in cognitive psychotherapy of group. He have organized many nationals and internationals congresses about Well-Being, Positive Psychology, Psychotherapy of serious psychopathologies. Now he is interested to find relationship between “spirituality and science”. Recently he collaborates with the European Yoga Federation and World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda; together have organized in Pescara on July 2011 the 7th Indian Festival.


Tamil Nadu
Krishnaveni. K.

Diploma in Naturopathy (Akhila Bharathiya Prakruthik Chikitsa Parishad, New Delhi), diploma in Yogic Science and Education
(MANONMANIYAM SUNDARANAR UNIVERSITY), Director of NALAM Sri Krishna Holistic Health Centre, Chennai. Has been the staunch believer of meditation and natural remedies, converted many hearts to follow the ways of peaceful living by meditations and raw diet adoptions.
Executive member of Karnataka Yoga Association. Member of Executive committee in Akhila Karnataka prakruthik Chikitsa Parishad,Bangalore. Member of All India Nature Cure Federation, NewDelhi.
Has been the Chief Co-ordinator for the programmes of healing techniques in alternative therapies for more than 12 years.
Have conducted workshops, classes, treatment programmes in Mysore, Bangalore and Chennai in tie-up with organizations and individually also.
Conducted corporate trainings and taught in many schools at Mysore, Bangalore and Chennai.


Umang Dawn

6 Gold Medals at National Yogasan Championship, recognized by Ministry of Sports, Government of India, International Player in Yogasana, represented Team India 4 times at International & World Yogasan Championship, Pondicherry (India), Los Angeles (U.S.A.), Surat (India), Los Angeles (U.S.A.), passed Teachers Training in Yoga with 93.33% from Lakulish Institute of Yoga, "Yoga King India-2004" Award by Indian Yoga Development Forum, 3 Times "Rajya Ramatveer Award" by Ministry of Youth Sports & Cultural Activities, Government of Gujarat in the year 2001-02, 2002-03 & 2004-05, Mr. Yogi Gujarat Award at Gujarat State Yogasana Championship 2004-05, Yoga Lover Award-2007, by Indian Yoga Development Forum, Jr. Sardar Patel Award 2008 by Government of Gujarat, Yoga Anand Award 2008 by Indian Yoga Development Forum.


Yogacharya Mohanan

Mohanan is an Economic Graduate with a Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga from Annamalai University, India. He has been teaching yoga to people of all walks of life in India and Abroad (Seoul South Korea), Tianjin (China), Bangkok (Thailand). He began his formal yoga study from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, India in the year 1990 and thereafter he continued his study from this prestigious world wide organization (HQ: Quebec, Canada) and received titles such as “Yoga Siromani” – Teacher of Yoga, “Yoga Acharya” (Master of Yoga). In 2000, he successfully completed his Yoga Instructors Course with Grade-A rank from S VYASA (a deemed university), India .
He has actively participated and presented papers on yoga in various national and international yoga conferences.


Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg
Tiziana Stapel

Diploma of Ayurvedic Practitioner at AGN/EISRA in The Hague, Holland, (HBO level); she attended a course for Ayurvedic Massage Therapist, Aromatherapy, Astrology and YogaShe at the Ganesha Centrum in Alkmaar, Holland. She did a training in Ayurvedic Center of Jalandhar,Punjab,India for Ayurvedic Therapies and Massage and experience in China and Turkey to see several massage, acupressure and hammam techniques


Arun Naik

Arun Naik is a Vãstu scholar, teacher and consultant. Arun Naik has been a student of Oriental philosophy and Yoga for four decades. He has studied Yoga and Vãstu Shãstra under great Masters and represents an unbroken guru-shishya tradition of highly illustrious scholars.
He is an expert at manipulating ground and space energies and harmonizing them to create prosperous and fruitful environment without demolition and reconstruction. He has developed methods of manipulating ground and space energies and harmonizing them to create prosperous and fruitful environments without involving any demolition/reconstruction.
Besides Vastu consultancy, he is a visiting faculty on Vãstushastra at Human Settlement Management Institute, HUDCO in New Delhi.
He has published many books on Vastushastra.


Chicago U.S.A.
Dr. Indu Arora

Dr. Indu Arora is an acclaimed Yoga Therapist, Master Teacher, Healer and Author with more than 12000 hours of teaching experience. A true Yogini by Karma she has a Doctorate in Alternate Medicine, a Medicinal Herbalism degree, and an in-depth knowledge of many types of Yoga. Dr. Indu Arora has been honored by the Mayor and Chief of Police for teaching Yoga to Kids, chosen as “Dupage Woman You should Know” by Dupage Woman Magazine. She presently is associated with Helping Hand Rehabilitation center in Chicago as a Wellness Coach and Yoga Therapist for adult with physical and mental handicap apart from teaching Meditation in various hospitals in Chicago. Her Book on Yoga (Yoga: Ancient Heritage Tomorrows vision) has been honored, acknowledged and highly appreciated by Yoga Professionals, students and peers and has become a part of many Libraries including the Central Council of Research in Yoga & Naturopathy, Government of India. She is a regular presenter in National and International Level Conferences & Symposiums and conducts workshop all around United States and in India.


Ludhiana (Punjab)
Dr. Sanjeev Sood

Had done his post graduation in Ayurvedic Medicine (Kaya Chikitsa) with special reference to Panchkarma & after the same teaching and practicing Ayurvedic Medicine since ten years at India’s oldest Ayurvedic Institute Dayanand Ayurvedic College, Jalandhar.
He is working as Head of the Panchkarma Department also since eight years. He taught Ayurvedic Medicine & Panchkarma to 10 batches or 500 students in India, six batches in Holland, three batches in Belgium and one batch of Doctors in Romania. Organized seven courses of Panchkarma for Doctors and six special courses for foreign Students in his Department of Panchkarma.



Dr. Sharda S. Nandram

She is a Dutch resident, was born in Surinam, and is of Indian origin. She has two masters’ degrees to her credit. One in Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Amsterdam and the other in General Economics at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She completed her PhD in Social Sciences at the Vrije University of Amsterdam.Sharda Nandram has worked for universities and research centers conducting applied and academic research for nonprofit and profit organizations. Sharda Nandram is an Associate Professor at Nyenrode Business Universiteit within the Center for Entrepreneurship.


(Madhya Pradesh)
Sarang Nandedkar

Masters’ Degree in Yogic Sciences from Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation-Bangalore (India). Bachelors’ Degree in Science of Hospitality and Hotel Administration from Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition-Mumbai (India).
Sarang Nandedkar Worked as a Research Scholar in Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation (sVYASA–Deemed University, Bangalore-India for 2 years from January 11th 2004 to January 11th 2006 as a part of Master’s Degree syllabus. Worked as a Yoga Therapist and an Acting Section In charge of the Back Pain Section in the world’s largest Yoga Therapy Health Home Aarogya Dhaama in Prashanti Kuteeram-sVYASA Bangalore for 5 months duration. (Part of Masters Degree).

Yograttan Dev Kapil

World Champion (2008-9) Master Yograttan Dev Kapil hails from a line of distinguished Yogis -His Father Shri M.R Pareek and his Grandfather Yogiraj Rishikesh Shastri, a renowned astrologer and Vedic scholar. He has also studied under  renowned masters Guru "Veet raag Tapomurti Brahmrishi Danditt Swami Laksheshwarashramji ", Yogacharyani Krishnamurthi , and Yoga Arjuna Awardee. Master Dev holds Diplomas in Naturopathy and a Masters degree in Yogic Science. He also has extensive knowledge of Ayuveda and Astrology. As evidence of his strong commitment and passion for yoga, Master Dev retained the title of National Yoga Champion in India for 17 consecutive years. In recognition of his significant efforts to uplift and popularize yoga among the masses, the Government in India awarded him the title of "Yogarattan". Master Dev clinched the World Champion title at the Bishnu Gosh World Yoga Championship organized by the World Yoga Foundation held in Los Angeles in 2009. Currently based in Singapore, Master Dev is the Director of Tatva Yoga and the International Institute of Yogic Science(IIYS). He teaches and runs workshops/retreats internationally in Asia, Europe and USA.


Annabella Genovese

President ADBN, Shiatsu Practitioner and Consultant, Head Teacher of Professional Training Academy Bio Natural Disciplines
Annabella Genovese founded the Academy of Bio Natural Disciplines, which is based in Syracuse (Italy), in 1992. Here she teaches a new way to manage health and life. In 2000 she founded the Shiatsu Meeting Centre which was created with funding from the European Social Fund. Currently, authorised instructors of the ADBN Magatama teach and work in Sicily (Italy) and also at italian national levels.
One of the goals of the ADBN is to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western philosophy in the field of health and wellbeing. Annabella's studies in the fields of Shiatsu and Yoga extend to international territories, studying both in USA and participating in the Research Group on moxa (heat therapy during acupuncture), with teachers at the Ohashi Institute of Shiatsu, New York. In Berlin she attended the course on Method Mezier Bertherat, the Antiginnastica, which further demonstrates the method of postural balance and energy called Biomovimento.
Theme: find the key to hear the harmony of the natural rhythms of your surroundings. Learn how to listen to body language and all that lies deep within everyone. Enter deeply into the energy aspects of movement. Open up secrets of the energy of the universe, identifying the seeds of imbalance, distress, discomfort. Stimulate the intimate knowledge of inner self and understand how to implement change. The goal is the application of the principles of body structural integration and reset where applicable, physical, hormonal, mental, emotional issues.


Bihar (India)
Dr. Sunita Singh Sengupta

She is the Founder and Chairperson of ISOL Foundation, is presently a Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi, India. In the last 4 years at FMS, she has taught, conducted research and organized two international conferences on “Integrating Spirituality and Organizational Leadership” and an International an Research Workshop on Spiritual and Ethical Foundations of Organizational Develpment. Prior to joining FMS, Dr. Singh Sengupta was an Associate Professor at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta where she spent 10 years teaching, conducting research, consulting and providing training to managers in the area of Organizational and Behavioural Science. She has also given lectures at different universities and business schools in USA, France and UK


Mary Soukouli

The spiritual path of Mary Soukouli ,was never separated from her own existence. She came across to many different “roads” from her early twenties .Yoga, Christian Esoterism , Ancient Greek philosophy , the power of dance and healing. Each one of them seemed to carry something different but in reality all of them were leading to one and only .To the supreme union with the Divine. As a professional dancer and choreographer she studied many different kinds of dances (Classical Ballet, Jazz, Modern, African, Flamenco, Indian e.t.c). She travelled the world, stayed and worked in Africa and United States and other places. For ten years she had her own Ballet School in Athens. While continuing her work as an artist, she was very close to Yoga and spiritual knowledge.
Many important teachers came across to her life , showing to her even more clear that path . At a very young age, at 1981, she met her Guru, Paramahmsa Satyananda. Her teacher initiated her to the spiritual path of Yoga and she received her spiritual name, Aischwarya Devi.Few years later she met Christos Themeliotis, a great philosopher of Christian Esotericism. Living and working beside him for the following 15 years she acquired immense experience and knowledge in the esoteric metaphysical aspect of Christianity


Malik Bp
-Delhi India-

He is Naturopath and Yoga Trainer and run his clinic from Rajiv Nagar,
Rohini, Delhi. Beside he run his training centre for Naturopathy and Yoga from Prashant Vihar, Rohini, Delhi.


Valeria Comito Viola

Born in Bergamo (Italy), since 1991 hatha yoga teacher. She has
attended courses for the teaching of hatha yoga and specialistic courses held by Masters
of international fame such as D. Holleman, R. Turla, B. Baleotti, L. Miele and F. Berlette.
Since 1996 she has been the founding partner and teacher of yoga at the apolitical and
non-profit association, Club Yoga Surya of Villa di Serio (Bg) Italy with the purpose of the
study of the philosophy and practice of yoga
She holds courses of therapeutic yoga working closely with the local council at a centre
for the elderly, courses for nursery school teachers and courses for children of developing
years at the primary school.
Considering that over the centuries yoga has evolved into various different areas,
producing different methods, and the experience matured by years of teaching, Valeria
has developed her own personal interpretation: she has paid particular attention to
the form of Iyengar, for the perfection and the harmony of the asanas, of Pattaby Jois
Ashtanga, for the strength and beauty of the seguence, and of Kundalini yoga, that
through the perception of the chakra we are lead to concentration and meditation.
It is her conviction that yoga must be a ‘second skin’ to the person who practices the
discipline, therefore it is important that the personality, the inclination, the place of birth,
the culture received and the society from which the person comes from play an important
role in directing him or her on the most suitable yoga path.

Vivek B. Gaur

Converted Foreign Girl to Hinduism as she wanted to convert herself, Given lectures on Srimad Bhagvat Geeta, Hinduism and Various philosophies to Indian and Foreign Delegates visiting Rishikesh time to time. He has students across the world in more than 25 country in the field of Yoga, Acupressure, Ayurveda, Reiki and else. Many of them successfully running there business and teaching others and healing world holistically. He also organized Divine Rituals, Vedic Marriage, ash immersion and other programs for Indians and Foreign Nationals.


Rashko Hristov Zaykov

Finished NSA Sofia, subject yoga, he is icensed instructor, owner of SK-AMRITA Plovdiv, a member of Bulgarian Yoga Federation. In his club there are more than 500 members, with people from 11 different countries in the world. He organized 6 festivals, a Balkan meeting and a European conference, as well. He has participated in seminars, open lessons and symposiums, wrote books about yoga and created a CD, attended Radio and Television programs. His club have competed in yoga contests in National, European and World level.


Delhi Corrispondent
Sh. Padmanabha Pillai

Mastery in Kalarippyat (Ancient Martial Art form of Kerala)
Mastery in Silambam (Ancient Martial Art form of Tamil Nadu).
Ist Degree Black Belt Holder in Taekwon-Do under International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF)
(Korean Martial Art)
Traditional Physician in Kalari Chikilsa and Marmma Therapy
Siddha Medicine Practitioner (SMP)
RMP in Alternative Medicines
RIMP in Siddha Medicine
Life Member in Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage), Delhi
Life time member in "Indian Association of Sports Medicine"(IASM), Delhi
Life time member in Indian Board of Alternative Medicine(IBAM), Calcutta
Life time member in "World Society of Integrated Medicine"(WSIM), USA.
Life member in Akhila India Siddha Maruthuva Kazagam(AISMK), Tamil Nadu.
Life member in India World Cultural Forum(IWCF), Delhi.


Mauro Oscar Giri
Swamy Vidyasagarababajiananda

Is Chairman of International Center for Integral Welfare "Centro Mundo Yoga" and Director of International Ashram Sadhu Sabha. He is Professor ad Honorem of the Faculty of "Human Values" (Education for Peace). UCS. University of Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Doctor in Theology, Doctor in Philosophy, Professor in Philosophy and Science of Religion, Social Psychologist Specialist in Psychotherapy of Work, Expert in Psychopathology, Technician of Natural and Alternative Medicine (Ayurveda)


Dr. Deepa

"Consultant Ayurvedic Physician" worked in India, England, Scotland, Wales and n
ow she is in Bangalore (Kerala) India, working with Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort.
Started her career with Hindustan Unilever Limited, Research Centre, Bangalore as consultant, later on with " KAPL's Ayurveda Gram", Bangalore as RESIDENT MEDICAL OFFICIER & Meanwhile, she got the offer from England based Company " Herbal Ayur " to join them as "CONSULTANT AYURVEDIC PHYSICIAN" CUM MANAGER OF AYURVEDIC WELLNESS CENTRE. She had a Bright Career Orientation and she is driven by mind of goal.


Madhya Pradesh

Guruji Jamuna Prasad Mishra

Was born in Ragoli, Madhya Pradesh, and is
descendant of an important Brahman family. His father, Sri Ram Ratan Mishra,
was an honoured priest and prominent spiritual teacher. The family tradition
goes way back in history for centuries, as this family were running the
Gurukula (training school for offspring of teacher and royal cast). Already
before Jamuna Mishra took his doctorates in Ayurveda (university of
Allahabad) and Naturophaty (Delhi National Akademie of Naturophaty), he was
captioned "Guru" by the native "Guru-council" being composed of the most
senior and most important spiritual teachers of his country.


Mithilesh Kumar Sing

Graduate in Sanskrit. Guide approved by Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India.