Welcome to the site of the World Movement for Ayurveda!

Here you will find some information about a great effort that is been done, bringing people together, private and governmental Institutions of all parts of the world, with the purpose to promote Ayurveda, the most holistic and ancient health system, developed by the Vedic Seers of the past.

This system integrates, in an extraordinary way, the relationship between the body, the vital energy, the mind, the soul and the Self, to achieve perfect health, that is the harmony between these constituents of the human being.

Accomplishing this complete concept of health we can bloom our pure potentiality to promote the fundamental objectives of life: prosperity, happiness, the realization of our talents and freedom.

Ayurveda stimulates the realization of the harmony in our relationships with the others and with the Universe, by the basis of non-violence, veracity, service and meditation, the same as Yoga, that is been supported by the institutions of the World Movement for Yoga.

Important efforts is been developed in India and in Western´s countries to prove the efficacy of Ayurveda and its importance in our technological world. Medical doctors and other health care professionals, Universities, governmental and private institutions are devoted  to this cause.

The World Movement for Ayurveda has the aim for put together and coordinate these efforts, and in this way each one that integrates it can be helped in his work. Stimulate the knowledge and the practice of an ayurvedic life-style, promote courses of specialization  and make the good Ayurvedic products available are some of the main objectives.

Now you have a formal invitation to make part of  this movement to promote this Ancient Science, by working together for a better world. With cooperation and friendship we can help to build one simple, accessible, cheaper, natural and efficient health system, bringing back the value of prevention and self-responsibility with our own state of wellbeing and becoming more reverent and harmonious with all the things that surround us.

See our website and envelope with this auspicious movement!     

Hope the Great Seers bless our endeavors!


  Dr. José Ruguê Ribeiro Júnior

  Swami Narayanananda

  President of the World Movement for Ayureda.

  Web Site: www.suddha.net