Graduation System

Recognized by World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda, World Community of Indian Culture and Traditional Disiplines, European Yoga Federation, International Yog Confederation, Associations and National Federations.

1°  Yoga Monitor: Yoga Pravesh (1 years course - 150 hours) qualified as teacher assistant but not to form
2°  Yoga Instructor: Yoga Parichaya (2 years course - 300 hours)
3°  Yoga Technician: Yoga Shikshaka ( 3 years course -450 hours )
4°  Yoga Teacher:
Yoga Siromani
(4 years course -600 hours)
5°  Senior Yoga Teacher:
Yoga Adhyapaka ( 5 years course -750 hours )
6°  Trainer of yoga instructors:
Yoga Praveen (7 years -1050 hours) qualified to form under the guidance of a teacher or Yogacharia which provides certification
7°  Teachers trainer:
Yoga Pandit (10 years minimum -1500 hours)
  Senior Yoga Pandit
 International expert,  specialist in standards, methods or styles with  (15 years of practice, minimum). Degree conferred by one Yogacharya
9°  Spiritual Master:
Yogacharya (20 Years, -3000 hours, minimum age 50 years)
10°  Great master of yoga:
Param Guru
(honorary title awarded by the council of senior)